Commercial Specialist - Life Science - Sweden

Great opportunity to take your development to the next step at a highly respected company within Life Science

Commercial Specialist's main purpose is to create better health outcomes by delivering:

  • Clear support from stakeholders for early implementation of high health impact launches into clinical routine.
  • More co-designed and tested win-win opportunities through commercial excellence.
  • Actively seeking and contributing relevant customer, market and competitor insights.



Customer and market needs and insights:

  • Generate customer, market and competitor insights for relevant customer areas through desk research and market activities.
  • Relay insights to relevant internal stakeholders, and influence the market fit of future solutions.


Ensuring implementation of the company´s solutions:

  • Further investigate/test the market fit (value propositions) of locally prioritized solutions in the RDS/RIS pipeline.
  • Implement pre-launch go-to market strategy activities aiming to ensure solutions are implementable with optimal market fit.
  • Before a product launch, the CS is responsible for the product life cycle management (internal training, forecasting, setting list prices etc).


Commercial Excellence, value capturing and account management:

  • Own and lead, selected, sales opportunities continuously documenting and (re)assessing the potential value that can be captured.
  • Responsible for ensuring the availability (localizing/creating/approving product claims) of marketing and sales content/material.
  • Performing a mix of opportunity based marketing and sales activities including documentation.
  • Develop relevant relationships with nurses, clinicians, procurement personnel and management across Sweden.
  • Ensure transparency in tender initiatives on pre-tender opportunity strategy / customer discussions vs tender requirements.
  • Review and highlight risks and opportunities in contract proposals.
  • Define and prioritize actions for optimal customer experience.
  • Prepare for, and attend, contract fulfillment meetings.
  • Coordinate contract renewals including pricing review/negotiations.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Niklas Claesson