Business Segment Manager - Life Science - Sweden

This is a commercial role and the Business Segment Manager’s main purpose is to create better health outcomes by ensuring:

• Relevant and surprising insights into unmet (medical) needs in our market
• Early implementation of high health impact launches
• More co-designed and tested win-win opportunities through commercial excellence

Key Responsibilities

Customer and market needs and insights:
• Responsible for the summary of data insights about our market (needs, value, markets shares) and competitors (differentiators/weaknesses) for the relevant customer areas
• Turn insights into clear, co-created, Business Segment strategies and present/promote for prioritization by the relevant network
• Update the Business Segment strategies as the external/internal environments changes
• Ensure that our strategies are translated into clear, co-created tactics and lead strategy execution initiatives

Ensuring implementation of the company´s solutions:
• Monitor our (RDS/RIS) solutions pipeline to identify priorities for further investigation
• Co-create go-to-market strategies based on experiments and interactions with relevant external stakeholders
• Overall responsible for localization of the value proposition, including key messages to be used in the market

Commercial Excellence and value capturing:
• Own and lead, selected, sales opportunities continuously documenting and (re)assessing the potential value that can be captured
• Explore new win-win business opportunities through partnerships
• Proactively support and coach the Commercial Specialists to identify, drive and win opportunities
• Approval of marketing and sales content/material to ensure fit with current strategies
• Responsible for the commercial strategy in RFI/tender initiatives to support optimal value capturing

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Niklas Claesson

Niklas Claesson

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